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Brexit insights from across the LBS community

Faculty - Lucrezia Reichlin, Professor of Economics

Even if the Euro fails, the UK would be better in the EU.



Student - Dr Nick Deakin, MBA 2017 

The EU referendum debate has turned nasty. It is characterised by mud-slinging and two camps very much entrenched in their own silos. It seems that whomever comes out in favour of one side is rubbished by the other, and fiction quickly becomes fact in the battle for publicity.

It is against this backdrop that the British public has to make a decision that will shape the economic and geo-political future of the country. On one hand we have arguments about sovereignty – which hold particular sway given Britain’s historical presence on the world stage – and on the other, economic arguments about access to, and influence in, the world’s largest trading bloc. Going into banking, I worry about an exodus from London due to reduced access to EU markets. But it’s evident that Britain wants a new relationship with Europe. That should be on the cards whatever the outcome of June’s referendum.



Staff - Liz Baxter, Corporate Marketing Manager 

With the looming EU Referendum not only am I concerned with the potentially disastrous impact Brexit could have on the economy, my palms are getting sweaty regarding my personal situation.

I’m an Australian with German heritage so have been living and working here in the UK for three years on a German passport. If the UK leaves the EU, will the renegotiation terms with Germany still allow me to remain in the UK? And if not, I’m unsure I’ll be eligible to apply for an Australian visa when I’ve already lived in the UK for three years. There is a lot of uncertainty. I love my life in London and have no plans to leave the UK any time soon, unless I get booted back to Australia.

No thanks. I’m voting to remain.


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