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Bianca John-Francois, Operations Co-ordinator

After successfully completing a 12 week work placement with the LBS Advancement team, Bianca John-Francois is the first person to secure a permanent role as a result of the School’s Community Action Group (CAG) initiative. CAG delivers employability sessions and placement schemes that offer people from the local community the opportunity to gain valuable office experience for their CVs. Below Bianca tell us about her career journey and how she’s benefitted from the programme.
1.      Tell us a little bit about your journey before starting your work placement with LBS
I started at City of Westminster College studying travel and tourism, because I had big dreams of working for airlines, travelling the world and learning about different cultures. After finishing my level 3, I found out that I was expecting my first child and this impacted what I wanted to do. Being a mother made me realise that I wanted to help support families overcome barriers they deemed impossible…so I volunteered with Westminster’s Children Services. In 2017 I took on various opportunities… as an ambassador for a financial services company, as a P.A and then a Receptionist. In April 2018 I then joined LBS on a work placement with the Advancement team.
2. What expectations did you have about LBS/the role and how have you found the experience?
After reading up about LBS, I expected that it would be a place where I would learn, be challenged, build and develop my current skill set. Being an Alumni rep I found myself taking part in lots of activities that helped me develop both my soft skills and hard skills such as: stakeholder management, influencing, communication, budgeting and planning
3. How has LBS changed things for you?
Since completing the work placement at LBS I feel that my network and professional relationships have increased. I am more confident in my abilities as well and I’m more resilient to solving problems.
4. What will you be doing in your new role? Is there anything you are looking forwards to?
In my new role as Operation Coordinator I will be supporting the Operations Manager in the delivery of projects, initiatives and activities across the career centre. Ensuring that all users of the Career Centre facilities have the best possible experience, assisting with the day to day centre operations and I look forward to learning new skills, meeting the Career Centre and Degree Education team and just taking on new challenges as they come.
5. What’s been your best moment at LBS so far?
Reunion Weekend- I think being able to see my project go from concept to delivery has to be the best moment so far, alongside an evening with great colleagues from advancement at the Sky Garden.
6. What keeps you motivated?
Development – I am a big advocate for Self Development. Having opportunities, experiences for learning more and gaining new skills so that you can adapt and be more resilient to changes in your work life or personal life is really what motivates me.
7. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Best advice I have been given is actually a quote by Richard Branson “ If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”
8. What is top of your bucket list?
To start travelling a-bit more and explore new parts of the world.
9. Tell us something surprising about you.
I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician.