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LBS support helps Aram Karakashian across the finish line

Last weekend was the Virgin London Marathon, we spoke to Aram Karakashian, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, about completing this physically and mentally challenge with the support of his colleagues and friends at LBS.  
  • Why did you decide to run the London Marathon?
    I’ve been trying to get into the marathon for the past 4 years and finally got a place in the ballot. It’s been a big aim to run the marathon but I also needed a challenge to get motivated for. I’ve got the bug for running and really enjoyed the training and getting into shape.

  • You were running for the Alzheimer’s Society, why did you choose this charity?
    I always knew I would run for Alzheimer’s Society in honour of my grandmother. She had Alzheimers and it’s a horrible disease to see someone suffer from. I also ran for my mother who, whilst holding down a full-time job, became her carer in the evenings and weekends. So running for this charity that supports those suffering from dementia and the surrounding families is very close to my heart.

  • You have raised over £2250, that’s a fantastic achievement. How did you go about raising it?
    I held a Charity Quiz in the Windsor. I’m deeply humbled by everyone who supported and donated. I personally did not think I was going to raise as much but the outpouring of generosity of my friends and colleagues is overwhelming! 
  • Can you tell us about your marathon experience? 
    It was a fantastic experience. The support is unbelievable, right from mile one to the end. In certain places, it's difficult to hear your own thoughts because it’s so loud which is a great thing! Equally having your name constantly being shouted and supported is unique and wonderful. Seeing familiar faces at different points is great motivation and very much needed at times. If only everyday life was like that! The last six miles was tough but totally worth the pain! I’m so happy that I managed to run it in 3:27 and beat my target time!
  • Will you be signing up for next year?
    100%! It’s such a good feeling crossing the finish line. I’m going to continue running (I have a 10k in May) and hopefully this will be the first of many!
Aram added "I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at LBS who has supported over the past 16 weeks as I’ve built up to this marathon. I’m deeply humbled by everyone’s generosity and support. I promise to shut up about the marathon now!"