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Anja Lambrecht

Anja Lambrecht, Associate Professor of Marketing, teaches the elective programme, ‘Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force’ to MBA and Executive MBA students. Dr Lambrecht's research focuses on digital marketing, with a particular focus on online targeting and advertising as well as promotion and pricing.


Congratulations on your recent promotion to Associate Professor, Anja! Please share a little about your recent research and areas of interest…


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

With the pressure of tenure gone, I’m really looking forward to again enjoy doing my research and teaching.


Can you tell us a little bit about your research?  

A lot of my research is on digital marketing with a focus on online advertising and promotion. As I’m sure those who have taken the marketing core with me know too well, I am very much worried that firms often have insufficient data to properly evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing actions. As a marketing researcher, I see my role as adding to the body of knowledge on how firms can best reach out to customers while at the same time understanding what drives customers’ decisions to respond to marketing actions, such as making a purchase.


Which courses do you/will you be teaching and what can students expect?

I am teaching the marketing core course, together with David Faro. It’s an introduction to marketing in general but since digital marketing spent is increasingly important, I make sure that digital marketing has an appropriate place in the course, throughout all topics. I also teach an elective on “Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Salesforce”. Bringing your product (or service) to market has always been critical to successful sales. But the question of how to go to market has in the recent past become even more top of mind for managers as online sales have grown at increasing rates. The course also looks at a second and likewise fundamental question: How to manage a firm’s sales force? Companies spend almost three times as much money on their sales forces than on advertising but this is a hugely underappreciated question among both academics and managers.


What does being a part of the LBS community mean to you?

Not having disciplinary boundaries. I’m very happy to have met all these great colleagues across the school.


What does your typical work day look like?

I walk my daughters to school and nursery, sit at my desk and do research or I teach, sometimes meet managers for lunch to collect interesting teaching materials and talk about potential joint research.  All while fantasizing about going to yoga later (which usually never happens).


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

To have a happy family life and a great job even though it’s sometimes challenging to balance the two (actually most of the time).


What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Be persistent. Trust your instincts. Stand up for yourself.


Where is your favourite place on campus?

The deck chairs between Sainsbury’s and Plowden on a sunny day.


Tell us something surprising about you…

I recently started playing the piano and I just might be an unappreciated genius.


Thanks so much Anja, and congratulations again!

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