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10 questions with Roberta Tomasoni

By Rachel Harper

Learning and Development Manager Roberta Tomasoni shares her LBS highlights, tells us how we can love our careers and introduces the adorable Archie the Pug.

 The ‘Love your career’ event is coming up fast, what is it and how can people get involved?

We are very excited about the 'Love your career' launch and we can't wait for 14 February! The event itself will be a 'Love your career' fair with several stands with a mixture of fun and informative activities to start the conversation about career development at the School and career development skills more generally. We will have inspiring career stories from employees across LBS, a one-off opportunity to talk to some of our career coaches, take a career selfie and have a spin of the career wheel!  We’ll also be showcasing our new career videos sharing top tips from your colleagues around the School.

We will be running the event in Park 2, from 11:00 to 13:00 on the 14 February and all LBS employees are welcome to join us, even for 20 minutes or so to see what it's all about and to grab a 'Love your career' cupcake! 

It is the first step in a number of activities during February and March relating to career development at LBS such as the release of some useful learning material on Learning Core and the Manager Hub, career conversations workshops with managers and the full launch of the career tool!

The School survey highlighted that staff wanted more support with career development, so this is a great opportunity for staff to learn about how to build their careers at LBS... while having some delicious chocolate too!

Tell us a bit about your job and your typical day…

I work as part of the Learning & Organisational Development team and my typical day can vary considerably based on the needs of the colleagues that we support. However a typical day would include meeting colleagues from different departments across the School, discuss any learning needs they, or their teams, might have and come up with a suitable solution for them. I will then design the solution, and often I will help with the implementation of this too, either through some analysis or delivering a workshop for example. In addition I work on longer-term projects across the School such as the new focus session process, the new job family framework, among other things. Also, I do always have time for a chocolate biscuit! 

What part of the role do you enjoy most?

I particularly enjoy designing learning solutions to help with the needs of teams and departments across the School. I really like the consultative side of our role, talking to different people, helping them to articulate and gather their needs and then using creative methods to come up with the best and most effective solution. I also like facilitating face to face sessions as I like seeing people learning, changing their mindsets and having fun at the same time!

What does being a part of the LBS community mean to you?

Since joining LBS, six months ago, I have taken part into so many social activities such as the Christmas choir and I have even joined the Sports and Social Committee! It is the first time in my career that I have felt so comfortable in joining in and reaching out to other colleagues around the organisation! I also particularly like the volunteering opportunities and the academic excellence that we have access to. It's a real benefit for me. 

What is your best LBS moment so far? 

I think the Christmas spirit and celebrations have to be my best moment so far! I loved the atmosphere, the social events and the choir. Work-wise, I particularly enjoyed creating and launching the people manager hub. It has taught me some new skills, which I always enjoy, and it has helped me to start making a difference. 

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Life has taught me many lessons, but I think the most important one is to be humble and open to others. I have learnt that, allowing others to share their strengths and welcome their views of the world, will inevitably lead to better ideas and better people. 

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

I would definitely invite Sir David Attenborough - imagine the stories he could share from decades of travelling and discovering! For some good music I would invite Ludovico Einauidi, one of my favourite pianists. 

Tell us something surprising about you. 

During my University years I used to be the lead singer of a soft-rock band and I used to be in a United-Nation debate group - the Model United Nations which meant lots of international travelling and after-sessions parties! Oh, and debating too, obviously! These days I spend most of my time trying to get my pug to like his bowtie - photographic evidence below.