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Welcome to LBS

by Josh Chakravarty, Student Association President


On behalf of the entire student body, for those of you who are officially starting today, a special welcome. We hope you’re as excited about your time at LBS as we are to have you join us.

After a short, occasionally sunny, British summer break – it’s fantastic to see our campus come alive once again.

This year we’ve got a lot of fun in store. From defending our victories at MBAT to closing down the Nash at Sundowners, the year ahead will see the return of all of LBS’ favourite events. Oh, and you’ll want to mark your calendars now for February 24 when we’ll be celebrating our biggest ever Tattoo!

But we’re also going to see a lot of new excitement come to campus this year. We welcome François to the community as our new Dean; as well as open the Sammy Ofer Centre. Shortly you’ll be hearing more about LBS Families – an initiative we hope will bring our community closer together than ever before. And this year will also mark the return of the Daily Nash an (ironically) termly satire reflecting on our LBS adventures.

Our club ranks have also grown and we can’t wait to see the Foodie Club in full degustation. Speaking of clubs, September will once again bring the start of kick-off season and we’ll all quickly be immersed in the exciting lifeblood of LBS – club activities.

But with all of this ahead, how can we all best manage our time and get the most out of the year ahead? Reflecting on this one year on, I think it’s safe to say there is no silver bullet to this challenge, but here are my top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your first year:

  • Embrace the FOMO: With so many amazing opportunities on campus, it’s just not possible to do it all. Take the time to think about what will make your time here exceptional for you and prioritise those parts of the experience
  • Be mindful of your commitments: Be realistic about how you want to split your time across the student experience (academics, careers, clubs and social). Once you’re comfortable with your priorities, take on the leadership and extra-curricular commitments you know you can deliver – your contributions will enhance everyone’s experience
  • Respect throughout the community: Finally, remember that first and foremost we’re a community of peers. We come from all corners of the world with amazing and diverse experiences to share. We’re also all volunteers in our extra-curricular activities so take the time to learn from one another, be present, and always put your best foot forward

I can assure you that the year ahead will bring challenges, but it will also bring immense learning; exhilarating events, treks and socials; and rich friendships which will last a lifetime. Once again, welcome to LBS and get ready for a truly unique and unforgettable experience!