Virtual Staff and Faculty Town Halls School

Virtual Staff and Faculty Town Halls

We hope you enjoyed our virtual town hall last week, once again we had a great turn out with over 600 of you tuning in. François provided some key updates and information about the School following the government’s announcement on Sunday. If you missed it, you can watch a video playback of the meeting here

Government announcement 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Sunday 10 May to outline the government’s plans for getting Britain out of lockdown. In light of this, François highlighted there is no change in respect to our working policy - where possible, we should still be working from home. He went on to talk about how the School is planning for a phased and safe return to campus and in the first instance this will purely be focused on Sussex Place. 

We will hear more about these plans at a town hall on 28 May, where we’ll be joined by Mike Weymouth and Mandy Mather who will talk about the work Campus Services have been doing during lock down and the preparations for our phased return. Keep a close eye as we’ll be sending you more information on this town hall shortly. 

Our colleagues in UAE have seen some easement of their restrictions but continue to work from home, while we continue to deliver teaching virtually across the School. 

General updates

Previously we had updated you on our financial position and announced the five areas that we have been leveraging to support the School which include: shoring revenues, cutting costs, government support, debt and donor support. During the town hall François touched on some of these areas and how we’re utilising them to secure the future of the School. 

The government announced an extension of the furlough programme until October. We have committed to making use of this facility until the end of June and are currently reviewing what the latest announcement means for us and will continue to communicate more on this in the coming weeks. 

Other encouraging news from Executive Education include clients agreeing to shift their operations online, which has resulted in two contracts being signed for £1 million. Progress continues in Degree Education where staff and faculty continue to collaborate to ensure we’re enhancing teaching for our current students and we’ve already received much positive feedback from prospective students about how we’re engaging with them. 


During the town hall we received over 60 questions. Susan Balch, Associate Dean for Advancement, moderated the live Q&A and we hope we were able to answer most of these. If you do have further questions, we aim to ensure it’s addressed in other communications and town halls, but we also encourage that you speak with your line manager or subject area chair. 

Follow up from previous town hall 

At the last town hall we discussed the governance structure of the School and the six working groups that have been established to support our leaders to make important decisions through the crisis. 

We’ve listed some of the working groups and the sponsors of those groups below, should you have a question or wish to provide feedback. You can view the full working group and its structure in this organigram

  • Community Wellbeing: addresses your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Sponsor: Nikki Tysoe, Head of Learning and Development, People Team 
  • Virtual School: responsible for shifting all our teaching and learning activities online, maintaining and managing those activities and planning for the future. Sponsor: Julia Marsh, Associate Dean, Degree Education and Career Centre 
  • Engaged Community: making sure we continue to innovate and be creative with big ideas about how we serve our community. Sponsor: Susan Balch, Associate Dean, Advancement
  • Stakeholder Communications: creates consistent, timely, clear and transparent communications for the whole School – internally and externally. Sponsor: Lamia Senousi, Director of Communications 

Re-watch all virtual town halls 

You can watch a video playback off all virtual school meetings through the links below:

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Finally, the impact of the pandemic has been much larger than any of us could’ve predicted. We’re working hard to secure the present and building strong foundations for the future, to ensure we continue to have a profound impact on the way the world does business.