Virtual School Meeting - what did you miss? School

Virtual School Meeting - what did you miss?

We hope you enjoyed the virtual School Meeting hosted by the Dean. Over 650 of you tuned in to watch François talk about how we are responding to these testing times and how through collaboration and agile thinking we’ve managed to move to a virtual school model in a matter of weeks. He also shared many examples of fantastic work, support and outcomes from across the School community. if you missed it, you can watch a video playback of the meeting here


François ran a few polls during the session, the first was about whether you or members of your immediate family are suffering from the virus. Nearly 80% answered they’ve not been affected, while 6% said yes and 16% said they’re not sure. As we moved into our third week of virtual working and teaching, we were interested to see how people were finding working from home. Nearly 50% said they’re still getting used to it but finding a rhythm, while 38% of you like the autonomy and flexibility, but it was also clear that people are missing social interactions. Unfortunately we faced some tech issues with the third poll, but look forward to including it at the next meeting.

Communications and governance 

This was the first in a series of monthly virtual School Meetings to keep you apprised of our progress, activities and challenges, but don’t forget, the Dean will also be sending weekly email updates to keep you informed. 

One of the updates discussed was the establishment of working committees to support the School’s drive towards successfully completing this academic year and to plan for the future. The committees are listed below and also in this organigram.

  • Community Wellbeing
  • Virtual School
  • Business Continuity 
  • Financial Resilience 
  • Stakeholder Communication

We want to thank colleagues and faculty members that emailed us questions. If we didn’t cover your question in this meeting, we endeavour to ensure it’s addressed at another town hall or where necessary, we will respond to individuals directly.