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Two new one-day executive programmes launched

Executive Education has launched two new one-day programmes which will run in early 2019.

Big Data to Decisions: AI and Machine Learning addresses the power of machine learning in driving more rational and data-driven approaches to managerial decision-making, and explores how this can and should complement – rather than replace – human intuition.

The programme will be led by Professor of Marketing and Academic Director MBA and MiM Oded Koenigsberg, and will feature Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo Pricing and creator of ‘Artificial Customer Intelligence’ – the new award-winning and patent-pending approach to automate management decisions based on real-time analysis – as a speaker.

The programme is aimed at senior managers such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and Heads of function. Participants will depart with an understanding of the strategic implications of Artificial Intelligence for business, how to measure the link between pricing, promotions and product range decisions and best practice implementation in a complex omnichannel and multi-geography context. Further details about the programme, which will run in March, are available here.

A second course, Blockchain Strategy: How to use cryptocurrencies to reinvent your business model sheds light on the technology that is taking financial markets by storm – with the potential to reshape the business landscape as radically as the internet did 20 years ago. This one-day programme is designed for visionary business leaders who want to know how cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology will affect their industry.

The course will be led by LBS alumnus Brian Forde, who co-founded MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and is a former White House Senior Advisor on cryptocurrency. More details on the programme, which will run in February are available here.