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Top LBSR picks on health and well-being

We've chosen some of the best faculty articles and research, on health and well-being, to help you work towards your best self. 


Your peak performance guide: a spotlight on wellness

Put this ultimate seven-point strategy to work as part of your daily routine. 

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3 reasons to stop, think and sleep

Are you looking after your wellbeing? Richard Jolly shares why being mindful of three concepts could improve your work, and your life 

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How to activate your best self and what happens when you do

What if positive emotions could do even more than unlock the potential of your workers? Dan Cable sheds light on the science behind positive psychology.

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5 top reads on human potential

“Today, leaders need to be their best possible versions if they want people to follow them. The ideas that fill the pages of these books are practical and force you to ask: am I being my best self?”

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