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TedXLBS 2019 - order and chaos

Ocean pollution, algorithms, the gender pay gap and immigration were some of topics explored at this year’s TEDxLondonBusinessSchool.

The all-day LBS-organised event at the Royal Geographic Society, London, featured a mixture of faculty, student and outside speakers. The theme, Order and Chaos, showcased expert thinking on global concerns such as the environment, health and gender equality.

Highlights included MBA2019 candidate Matty Dixon’s personal and powerful account of his ongoing battle with depression. He talked about how people’s judgement can be skewed by the inclusion of less relevant information in a list of relevant facts, and the consequences when facts are lost – both in deal-making and in public health messages. Read more about Matty’s story in Getting to Know You (live link).

Also on a health theme surgeon Sir Robert Lechler painted a picture from the cutting edge of organ transplants, the incredible breakthroughs being tested today and some of the critical challenges still ahead. Underwater photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser showcased some amazing images and his message of hope. He shared his personal experience of the power of oceans to regenerate biodiversity around ‘hope spots’.

Event organiser Rachel Hirsch said: "We love being a part of the magic of TedXLondonBusinessSchool. Every year it brings together our community to broaden our horizons and inspire progress."