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Teaching Awards 2019

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Excellence in Teaching and Faculty Teaching Awards.

Excellence in Teaching Award

We are delighted to announce the joint winners of this year's Excellence in Teaching Award are Herminia Ibarra, Charles Handy Chair Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Karthik Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Accounting.

The Excellence in Teaching Award is given annually to member(s) of faculty judged by their peers as having made an outstanding contribution to teaching at London Business School using the following criteria:

  • Pesonal ratings from students
  • Intellectual rigour and challenge of courses taught 
  • Effort and achievement in course development and innovation 
  • Amount of mentoring and peer advice provided to other faculty 
  • Feedback speed/quality/helpfulness to students and peers 
  • Teaching that embodies London Business School values

Faculty Teaching Awards

We are also very pleased to announce that the following faculty are to receive Teaching Awards. These awards recognise distinction in teaching over the 2018/2019 academic year and are determined entirely by student vote.

Best Teacher Award, EMBA 2019: Ian Cooper, Professor of Finance and David Myatt, Professor of Economics

Best Teacher Award, MBA 2019: Michael Parke, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Best Teacher Award, MFA 2019: Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance 

Best Teacher Award, MiF 2019: Florin Vasvari, Professor of Accounting 

Best Teacher Award, MiM 2019: Sungyong Chang, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Best Teacher Award, SLOAN 2018: Jessica Spungin, Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

All the awards will be presented at this year’s Congregation ceremonies. Congratulations to all this year's winners on their teaching achievements