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Student photo exhibition

Below are some of the best pics from the student photo exhibition that was displayed around campus during Congregation Week. It showcased 250 photos of LBS activities including: conferences, treks, social activities and other student initiatives (TED, Bain awards, etc). 
The collection of photos were curated by MBA graduate Hiroshi Hironaka along with Rajvee Mehta and taken by students from the 2018 graduating programmes (MBAs, MIF, MiMs, EMBAs, etc). The exhibition was put together in collaboration with the photography club, the SA, the social reps and the programme office. 
Hiroshi said: “The main reason we decided to create this exhibition was to bring back the best memories of the past two years or year for some programmes to all the LBS community. We also wanted to share an insight into the whole LBS experience for our families and friends who visited the school during the congregation week”

The TEDx conference team 


Students at Diwali, one of the major LBS social events - 2018


Snow Trek - Dec2017, the biggest LBS trek from year 1, more than 100 students took the slopes of Val Thorens


Tattoo Feb 2017, celebrating the school diversity 


MBAT May-2017, LBS got the gold medal in Badminton and 2nd in the general tournament


LBS representatives at the World Government Summit - 2018


Students recreating the LBS logo with the Milky Way - Madagascar Trek 2017