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Student award winners 2019

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Congratulations to this year's student prize winners. Prizes have been awarded to the following students for outstanding achievement and service to the School community.

Transformed the student experience of their peers

Anna Grenzheuser - MiM  

Ambitious yet caring Anna is always willing to help out. She co-organised the Aasha social impact project in India where she was involved in the detailed planning as well as drawing in talent to its cause. Nominees describe her as a “joy to be around” who represents “LBS at its best”.

Brady Dearden – MBA

Always constructive and “leading from a place of kindness,” Brady impresses with the way he invests in and supports his peers. “Brady embodies the spirit of our MBA class - humility, collaboration and building real connections with people,” said a nominee. “A real leader for the future.”

Carrie Fletcher – Sloan

A talented leader with a practical and positive approach to every challenge she faces, Carrie has been instrumental in shaping the dynamic of the class through her role as an Academic Rep. Nominees describe an individual with exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills who can effortlessly make sense of the complex.

Ihab Tabbara – EMBA-Dubai

As a dedicated Academic rep and ambassador for the School, many have come to rely on Ihab for advice or support. Patient, perceptive and positive he strengthened the connection of the Programme Office with the class. He has recently taken on the additional role of Gulf Association Chapter leader in Jeddah, reviving the LBS community in the city.

Kaidi Meng – MiF

Kaidi’s commitment as an academic representative to raising the quality of student experience has drawn the admiration and appreciation of many peers. Bright, dedicated and thoughtful, Kaidi makes time for everyone on the programme.

Lora Parvanova – EMBA-London

Ceaselessly willing to give her time for the benefit of LBS and the programme, Lora improves the networking and social experiences everywhere she goes. Nominees also describe a dedicated and selfless organiser.

Norman Huber – MiF

A natural leader, Norman is a charismatic presence on campus. “He is a person who makes an impact,” a nominee noted. Another described him as: “smart, willing to share insights, a real LBSer.” Friendly and approachable Norman brings people together.

Sidar Alagoz – MFA

Going out of his way to help others, Sidar’s hard work as an academic representative drew praise from his classmates. Nominees admired his integrity and loved his jovial spirit. “Sidar has been a brightening influence, contributing and raising the bar for the class as a whole. He acted as a bridge maker for all students.”

Yang Huang - MiM

Ambitious, driven and kind, Yang is valued and respected by his peers. Yang actively contributed to various club initiatives including events for the China Club and the Cyclying Club. He co-organised the Aasha social impact project in India where he was involved in the organisational details as well as extending the reach and number of participants of the project. “LBS at its best,” said a nominee.

Exceptional service to the School community

Akshat Mittal – MBA

Akshat co-created the LBS Perspectives speaker series, a forum to discuss global issues that leverages students’ diverse perspectives and experience. “Some of the best peer to peer learning at the school,” a nominee said of the initiative.

Akshay Garg – MBA

“A true LBS leader,” said a nominee. “Very humble and calm, but always ready to take on responsibility.” As Student Association Operations Officer, Akshay worked tirelessly behind the scenes, said nominees. He established data sharing agreements between the School and SA and significantly enhancing the main system students use to participate in club activity.

Allie Fleder – MBA

President of the Out in Business club, chair of EURout and Latam conferences Allie is known on campus as someone who can ignite the enthusiasm of an audience. “An exceptional leader who makes every team member feel truly valued,” said a nominee.

Daniel Gomez - MBA         

Daniel co-created the LBS Perspectives speaker series, a forum to discuss global issues that leverages students’ diverse perspectives and experience. “Educational and inspirational,” a nominee said of the series.

David Elliot Johnson – MiM

Co-president of the Emerging Markets Club, part of the organising committee for Private Equity conference and social rep for the GMiMs. David has embraced everything LBS and has contributed enormously say his nominees.

Divya Babu – MBA

Known best on campus for her contributions to the Social Impact club, nominees say Divya is an “inspirational figure who brings positivity and energy to everything she does”. “She was the glue that strengthened social cohesiveness of various clubs and inter-stream groups through official and casual LBS events.”

Hilary Peltz - MBA   

Tremendously active within the student community, Hilary is relentlessly focused on improving the student experience. In her role on the Student Association she is credited with elevating the Tattoo and Summer Ball events. Nominees noted her grace, quiet confidence and attention to detail.

Maha Albwardy – EMBA-Dubai   

Maha’s commitment to the School and the LBS community in Dubai is remarkable. She is Academic Rep of her class, Academic & Ethics Officer in the Dubai Chapter of the Student Association, and a member of the World Government Summit LBS team. Nominees say she is a wonderful ambassador for LBS.

Maximilian Tries – MiF

An inspiring example to his peers, Max has been a great help to his fellow class mates in helping them prepare for job interviews and applications. He has also supported MiM students aiming for a career in consulting, mentoring MiM participants during their application processes.

Noy Dor – EMBA-London

Noted for his fierce intelligence, Noy has inspired his peers through an entrepreneurship initiative he launched across the EMBA classes. Nominees loved his approachable combination of modesty and ability.

Sarah Bertram - MBA         

Co-founder of LBS’s first Mental Health Week last year, Bertram built upon that achievement this year. Nominees said they were grateful for heightened awareness of mental health and wellbeing on campus.

Lasting contribution to the School

Josh Bell - MBA                   

Josh’s hard work establishing an LBS Impact Fund will have a tangible and long-lasting impact on the School. His clarity of vision and skills of persuasion attracted diverse collaborators and stakeholders to help build a fund that exemplifies the School’s ambition and values. Josh has created so many opportunities for others to become involved and make a difference.

Click on the image below to watch a videocelebrating our students' personal highlights and remarkable contributions to the School. Congratulations to award winners and all of our graduating students!