Staff learn ‘Why rejection matters’ at September’s Faculty Research Lecture Faculty

Staff learn ‘Why rejection matters’ at September’s Faculty Research Lecture

Professor Isabel Fernandez-Mateo explained the importance of managing rejection to a packed room at the recent Faculty Research Lecture.

The bi-monthly lecture series is designed to give staff in-depth insight into the research done by faculty. Topics are wide ranging and have included, ‘Why do we wait so long at A&E departments’, ‘The next financial crisis’ and ‘Is more transparency always better?’.

Professor Fernandez-Mateo shared her insights on the difficult topic of rejection in the workplace and her recent research with executives applying for leadership roles.

She explained that, if managed well, rejection for a role does not automatically have negative consequences, as it can help both executives and companies learn about each other. But when executives perceive the rejection as unfair, they are less likely to engage with the company in the future.

This effect is stronger for women, which has consequences for the representation of women in leadership roles. Treating rejected candidates fairly should thus be a key consideration for companies that are serious about avoiding gender bias in senior roles.

 “The Faculty research lecture was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed discussing my research with staff from around the school and they had lots of insightful questions. I hope they found it as helpful as I did!”

Look out for our next Faculty Research Lecture later this year.