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So hire me: how diversity of experience adds value

At the beginning of my Market Driving Strategies executive education class at London Business School, I always show the participants the incredible diversity of industries, nationalities, and functional roles represented in the class. The joy of learning in the class is in large part the joy of learning vicariously through the experiences of others with very different backgrounds. 

We already know that this sharing of experiences is incredibly powerful. In previous research, for instance, my co-authors and I investigated why some Indian companies succeeded in expanding into established markets overseas where others failed

We discovered that indirect learning plays an essential role in growing a successful business in a market outside the one you’re familiar with. Emerging market firms that grow in developed markets manage to overcome their lack of direct experience in competing there by learning indirectly through their leaders, competitors and inter-firm networks. 

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Rajesh Chandy is a Professor of Marketing; Tony and Maureen Wheeler Chair in Entrepreneurship at London Business School. He is also an Academic Director of the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship