Out in Business, India and Music Clubs celebrate the inaugural 'Inclusion Happy Hour' Inclusion and diversity

Out in Business, India and Music Clubs celebrate the inaugural 'Inclusion Happy Hour'

November saw the Out in Business, India and Music Clubs co-host a first-of-its-kind “Inclusion Happy Hour” to celebrate and promote inclusion and diversity at LBS. The networking event featured live music from student rock band ‘The 20 Pounders’. The event attracted well over 70 attendees on the cozy upper floor of The Windsor Castle pub. 

Charul Pant, MBA2021 student and Inclusion officer for Out in Business, opened the night by highlighting the importance of building friendships across clubs. Charul said her personal decision to join the Out in Business club as a female ally from India was one of the best decisions she has made since joining LBS.

Commeting on her decision, Charul said: ‘India is growing into a LGBTQ+ friendly community, however we still have a long way to go to create a truly inclusive society. Making friends with people from clubs that are not your own is an easy and fun way to foster inclusivity at LBS and beyond. Partnerships with other clubs help to extend a hand to minorities within minorities, such as queer Indian people in this case.”

Sid Singh, president of India Club agrees, saying: “Inclusion is a core strategic topic for the India club going forward. LBS offers a unique platform to unite and inspire future business leaders for India and globally. We hope this event, together with the newly launched India Business Series and other initiatives planned for the rest of the year will contribute to building more inclusive work environments for everyone to be themselves.” 

Live music from ‘The 20 Pounders’ was a great way to attract people from different clubs and create an informal and cheerful atmosphere. The band won last year’s Battle of Bands and represented LBS at the MBAT sports tournament in Paris. They brought along their loyal fanbase and attracted a host of music-loving students from the newly started programs. 

 The Inclusion Happy Hour is set to become a recurring initiative driven by the Out in Business Inclusion team in partnership with different clubs across campus.