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New shape for MiM and Sloan programmes now online

Reviews of our Masters in Management (MiM) and Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy are now complete and information about the future shape of the programmes is live on London.edu.

All LBS programmes are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant and continue to meet the needs of our students.

Programme Directors Nalisha Patel and Shona Macfarlane explain what the reviews mean for their respective programmes.

MiM review outcomes - Nalisha

"As a result of the review and building for growth, we are continuing to sharpen our focus on equipping our early career students with the knowledge and skills to make immediate impact and accelerate their careers. Planned curriculum changes will include a restructured core, two integrated learning modules that bring together their curriculum learnings in a practical setting, enhanced Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs) with a focus on expanding their global reach and impact, a Live London Project which draws on the diversity of business sectors and an optional fourth term to support students in customising their learning journey towards their specific career segment. 

We will simultaneously be working to strengthen our student’s core interpersonal, numerical and digital skills through an enhanced skills portfolio, ensuring they are equipped for the fast evolving needs of students and recruiters."

Sloan review outcomes - Shona

"We are continuing to promote the Sloan Masters' unique selling point as the only full time one year specialist Leadership and Strategy Masters for experienced professionals.Changes include a redeveloped focus on Strategy, an extended Leadership coaching programme, redesigned Accounting and Corporate Finance courses and a move to an immersive structure maximising the student experience across the whole year. Students will have the opportunity to undertake a Global Business Assignment with the EMBA cohorts and will be taught by Sir Andrew Likierman."

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The first class to take the courses in their new formats will be the Sloan 2018s - (starting in January 2018) and the MiM 2019s (starting in September 2018).