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New Executive Education course: Innovating in the Digital World

LBS has launched a new Executive Education online programme which examines and tackles the challenges and opportunities of digital innovation.

The Innovating in the Digital World programme is designed for managers who are tasked with enhancing their organisations’ innovation capability – including senior executives and strategic directors – whether it be within advertising, retail, manufacturing, banking or elsewhere.

Participants will benefit from exploring weaknesses in their organisation’s innovation processes and will receive the tools to help them address these issues. They will also learn how to convert their innovative vision into reality through personal interaction from a professional learning coach and world class academic insights. Organisations will be able to tap in to this knowledge too, with support for embedding these newly acquired processes into their working culture and daily operations.

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Dean (Executive Education), Julian Birkinshaw, commented that the new programme would examine a critical element of survival in the current business climate. “Embracing innovation and mastering new digital technologies is no longer seen as a competitive advantage for businesses, but a vital component for sustainability and existence.

“The Innovating in the Digital World programme equips managers with an action plan for digital innovation that is tailored to their organisation’s needs, along with one-to-one support to help them implement this plan into their corporate business strategies.”

Modules will be delivered at the participant’s own pace, where they will be able to choose elements of the course that are most relevant to their own innovation challenges. Participants will have six weeks to complete the course from start to finish, with Professor Birkinshaw hosting two live online webinars at either end of the programme – and peer learning and professional coaching form the basis of the course.

The inaugural programme will begin in January 2019, and LBS alumni are eligible for a 25% enrolment discount. To find out more about the Innovating in the Digital World course please click here.