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MiM & MFA Careers Update

We’re pleased to announce that 94% of the Masters in Financial Analytics (MFA) class of 2018/19 received a job offer within three months of graduation, with 91% of those seeking employment accepting offers. While down on last year’s reported figures of 97% (both received and accepted), 26 more students received offers than last year (99 versus 73).

This has been achieved in an environment where the number of students seeking employment increased by 40%. Our figures are based on a 100% reporting rate which is very rare in the world of business school statistics and puts the School well ahead of its competitors.

An increase in class size did not deter Career Centre from continuing to provide high quality, tailored career support. With political and economic climates remaining uncertain and an even larger MFA class graduating in 2020, supporting students in the year ahead will require an increased effort from everyone at LBS. Everything students learn, all they experience and every touchpoint they encounter during their time here contributes to their ability, confidence and success in starting their careers in the best possible way.

The Masters in Management (MiM) had yet another successful year with 95% of students receiving a job offer within three months of graduation (based on 97% reporting) and 94% of those accepting offers. These numbers are broadly in line with last year’s numbers where 96% received and 93% accepted.

Despite a slightly lower reporting rate, down from 99% last year, a score of 97% is market leading in the early careers space for classes of more than 100 students, with HEC managing a reporting rate of 85% last year (source FT Rankings).

Further challenges lie ahead for employment outcomes as a full stream of MAM students graduating later this year will add to MiM students seeking roles, particularly in consulting. Career Centre is working with this new cohort, alongside all other students, in preparing them with the skills they need to forge great business careers, both upon graduation and into the future.