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Film team capture pioneering eye care procedures in India

Ian Lynch and Ilie Zubascu from the film team in Marketing and Communications have recently returned from India, where they were filming eye-care procedures providing significant benefits for patients. The footage – which will feature on the School website and social media – will tell the stories behind the collaborative research carried out by Aravind Eye Hospitals and LBS.

The team travelled to India to film at the hospital in Pondicherry with Professor Kamalini Ramdas and PhD student, Nazli Sönmez. They also filmed at the Aravind Hospital in Madurai and in remote locations where vision centres are connecting patients, via video links, to doctors located many miles away.

The films examine collaborative research in three main areas:

  • Pre-diagnosed patients sharing appointments, leading to valuable knowledge sharing
  • The use of the remote diagnosis and treatment of eye care patients by means of telecommunications technology
  • Innovations in follow-up appointments and the way they are managed

Ian explained the objectives behind the trip: 

“We wanted to shine a light on the impact of London Business School’s work with the world-leading Aravind group, and its mission to eradicate avoidable blindness in India and beyond.”

Ilie described his experience in the operating theatre at Aravind Eye Hospital in Pondicherry:

“It was fascinating to see a leading surgeon like Dr Venkatesh at work and watch the various innovative techniques and tools the surgeons use in theatre to treat patients.”  

The trip was co-funded by two departments, The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development and Learning and Development. The films will be edited for release in the summer.