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LBS start-up Savewallets launches pilot

Savewallets which benefitted from the support of the School's 2016/17 incubator programme has embarked on an exciting journey as it launches its pilot. 

The business uses behavioural science to enable individuals to save regularly and invest intelligently to help them reach their financial goals.

Savewallets is the brainchild of Sreejita Saha (MIFFT2015) who was inspired to start the business due to the fact that her parents had to save diligently to help fund her education at the School. In her own words, “If savings (without any investment or professional advice) can have so much impact in my life… what can people achieve when they save and invest efficiently for their goals?”

The Savewallets app lets you start saving and investing with as little as £1. The investment portfolios are designed by academicians and PhDs and savers can access their funds at any time and from anywhere. Thanks to an innovative business model, Savewallets is free to use so now there’s really no excuse for not having a nest egg.

Be part of the early users and start spreading the word by signing up today at www.savewallets.com