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LBS Producer wins British Film Institute award

Ilie Zubascu has won the coveted Documentary Filmmakers Series, organised by the British Film Institute (BFI) and Whicker Awards.

Ilie, Producer in the Marketing and Communications department at LBS was recognised for his video The fly, a visual poem - with autobiographical elements - that touches on the uniqueness of our destinies. The film was created to celebrate Ilie's relationship with his father, and memories of his storytelling as a child.

Ilie was proud to have received the recognition and was quick to acknowledge the support of his colleagues. "This award is not only great on a personal level, but recognises the excellent support I've had from my team here at LBS," he said. "The encouragement I received from colleagues to put my film forward for this award has made me cherish being a part of the LBS community more than ever."

Documentary filmmaker and panellist André Singer was full of praise for Ilie's film. "The film wonderfully tackles some philosophical questions using abstract visuals," he said. "The fly is an unexpected concept within the film, powerfully contrasting it's main theme (purpose). The use of subtitles is brave and effective, it makes the piece expressive and authentic."

Ilie's prize includes a private screening with Singer, plus the chance to meet Hollywood director Werner Herzog. 

Reflecting on his film, Ilie hopes to convey the importance of expressing individuality. "No matter how easily we get caught up in daily routines, we still have an obigation to pursue our unique and individual destinies," he added. "Apart from our DNA, fingerprints and eye retinas which are all unique to us, we have an irreplaceable destiny and it is our responsibility to discover it, explore it and make the most of it."

You can watch Ilie's award-winning film The fly on Youtube.

Please join us in congratulating Ilie on his fantastic success!