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LBS Men’s Football Club go Beyond Borders to mentor young entrepreneurs

Members of the School’s men’s football club have been working with young adults in the community to help them develop the key skills and confidence to succeed in education, work and public life through the sport.

The initiative was part of the Young Entrepreneurs competition run by Football Beyond Borders (FBB), a UK education charity which uses football as an engagement tool to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is the third year of the competition, established in partnership with LBS Football Club (men’s and women’s), and more than 50 FBB students have now taken the programme.

After several weeks of receiving guidance from the LBS footballers, three teams of young mentees competed in the final of the competition – pitching entrepreneurial ideas to an expert panel of judges. The winning idea proposed a new, innovative way of connecting young people to early job opportunities by matching their interests with brands that they love and recognise.

President of LBS Men’s Football Club Hugo Silva was among the volunteers and said that the group felt very fortunate to be in a position to lend their expertise.

“Activities like this go to show that our sport is not just 22 people running after a football,” he said. “Helping these young adults acquire new skills and overcome their fears with the help of our own professional experiences, backed by a sport that we love and cherish, has been hugely rewarding for us all.”

Jasper Kain, CEO and Founder of FBB said "It is the third year we have been part of the Young Entrepreneurs programme and it was the most professional experience to date. Our young people were taught a range of new skills from ideation, business planning to public presentations and grew enormously from the experience. Thank you to all the volunteers from LBS Football Club for making this happen."