LBS launches new online programme Executive Education

LBS launches new online programme

While the world deals with the challenges of the current pandemic, organisations are beginning to contemplate how they can prepare for future shocks. The School’s Faculty have been sharing their expertise on this topic for more than 20 years. They are now bringing their knowledge together with an online programme designed to tackle the challenges firms face in navigating the uncertainty ahead.

Building Organisational Resilience is a new online learning series offering practical, evidence-based insights into how business leaders can build truly resilient organisations. The three modules comprise current thinking from renowned scholars – including Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Kathleen O’Connor, Clinical Professor of Organisational Behaviour – recorded in lockdown, and offered in a virtual format designed for employees currently working from home.


Julian Birkinshaw said: “The world will look very different as we emerge from the pandemic, and business priorities will shift accordingly..."

“A key imperative for executives in the months and years ahead will be to ensure the resilience of their organisation. In this programme we have pulled together the latest research insights from the LBS faculty, and applied them to the challenge of how you build resilience – in strategy, operations, and in your people.”