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LBS hosts Wings of Hope Leaders in Education Evening

LBS recently partnered with Wings of Hope to bring together Headteachers and Senior Leadership from secondary schools across the UK for an evening workshop on the challenges of leadership. Professor Randall  Peterson joined the group and shared insights on leadership and management.

Smruti Sriram MBA2018 explains:

"The evening got off to a great start with a powerful spoken word piece on the importance of education, written and performed by a curren participant in the social enterprise programme, Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA) – ‘Education is the key’. Wonderfully apt for a room brought together through this very belief.

This was followed by a workshop on leadership led by Professor Peterson during which audience members were encouraged to be self-reflective, and think about their own leadership struggles. All the evening's guests found this to be enormously helpful, and one senior teacher commented that hearing other leaders share their own challenges and receiving advice from the Professor was really “quite inspirational”.

The evening closed with presentations from the Wings of Hope about their own work in education and building leadership skills. An international children’s charity, the Wings of Hope is engaged in inspiring and empowering young future leaders, both in the UK through the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA), and through educational work in India and Malawi.

This was a fantastic opportunity for senior leaders, students, and professors to share their own leadership challenges and learn from each other. To see present and future leaders engaging and sharing the same space throughout the evening highlighted the value of such an evening and it really was the perfect setting."

Find out more at www.thewingsofhope.org or Instagram @officialWOHAA

Pictured at the top of the page: 

Evelyn (Wings of Hope), Rajni Sriram (Co-Founder of Wings of Hope), Professor Randall Peterson (London Business School), Smruti Sriram (MBA 2018).