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Innovative Executive Education programme wins silver

Expanding Horizons, an Executive Education custom programme run by global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney and London Business School (LBS), has won silver in the Executive Development category of the 2018 EFMD Excellence in Practice awards

The programme – aimed at partners with expert content and technical knowledge –encourages participants to develop a deeper connection with clients and gain a heightened awareness of their impact.   

Stephen Parker, A.T. Kearney’s Chief Learning Officer, said “When planning this programme we spoke to one of the firm’s partners, Xavier Mesnard, who said: ‘We love to learn but hate to be taught’. That became a mantra as we thought about how to meet this challenge”.

Parker and LBS developed a unique programme based on experiential learning. Partners engage in an array of activities such as an equine session to understand the art of connection, time with a string quartet and a masterclass with a theatre guru to examine the associations between breath, posture, courage and trust. 

The first module of the 15-month programme, based in London, sees partners re-examine their core values and purpose. They experiment with new ways of behaving to challenge their own views, routines and ways of working, expanding how they think, feel and operate. 

On the second module, they spend a week split across downtown Mumbai and a rural retreat, where they focus on aligning their strengths, values and passions. 

The element of surprise is also important for each cohort, according to Parker. “You can’t explore themes of agility and ambiguity inside a programme where every minute is highly structured and the timetable is shared in advance,” he said. 

Parker said that the award celebrates the innovation, creativity and hard work that went into launching such a programme for the firm’s partners. “The EFMD [an accreditation body for quality and impact assessment in management] is highly regarded, so to get the award is very satisfying and a vindication of all the risks we took to get this programme off the ground” he said.

Katie Coates, Client Director for Executive Education at LBS, attributed the programme’s success to establishing a collaborative and trusting relationship between A.T. Kearney and the School. “Our relationship was founded on shared values and a passion to create something truly transformational,” she said.