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Inclusion and diversity, it’s fuzzy

Hamid Senni, LBS Director of Inclusion & Diversity, has been featured in the latest edition of Voice magazine, the magazine for members of the Institute of Internal Communications, alongside several other experts in the field.
In the article, Hamid explains that more precision is needed in how I&D are understood and described, “In finance, marketing or sales, communications are precise,” he says. “It’s like a science. They know exactly what they’re saying, every time. But when you come to the field of inclusion and diversity, it’s fuzzy. So communications are going to be understood differently by different people, which is the last thing you want. It’s the only field in the corporate world where there is such a grey area and such confusion.”
Hamid is currently focussing on creating a plan to build a new I&D infrastructure for the School and explains that the first stage of this is to look within and investigate our current culture.
“Over the last 10 years companies have been doing considerable work towards inclusion, diversity and compliance, investing extensive human and financial resources, but they’ve started to realise that nothing seems to be changing” says Hamid, “The mistake a lot of organisations seem to make is to recycle examples of best practice from other companies – as it seems safe since this topic area is quite emotionally loaded – rather than tailoring their approach to their reality”.
“So what I’m starting with at LBS is an inclusion, diversity and compliance assessment, to help us uncover pressure points, as well as the enablers behind pockets of excellence such as our diverse nationalities. With these insights I’ll start to build and test an action plan to nurture a diverse workforce, while shifting gear on inclusion, enabling everyone within our institution to fulfil their full potential in a sustainable way, encouraging our diverse community to bring their best self to the School”.
Inclusion is seen by our Dean as vital to the success of LBS, and something that underpins our three priorities. Hamid has joined the School with the aim of ensuring this remains at the forefront of our operations, as he explained in his introductory talk at the last School Meeting.

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