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Governing Body update: September 2018

Dear Staff,

Apologies for the slightly later update of this quarters Governing Body update - Congregation, summer and Orientation have meant for a busy few months! An update on the last meeting is as follows.

Report from Dean

François detailed current status of School operations such as;

  • Research and Faculty updates and awards
  • Positive ranking news for MiF (Ranked number 1 in the FT)
  • Positive growth in Executive Education
  • Success of Alumni Reunion
  • Progress on Digital Learning
  • Successful high-level events on campus such as us welcoming the prime minister of Greece

School Plan 

François then outlined the high-level School plans for the upcoming five years including;

  • Departmental focuses
  • Targets
  • Risk planning
  • Estate planning
  • Funding
  • Direction of our portfolios
  • Brand investment

The Governing Body had several questions and suggestions about the strategy and its execution. Updates on this are coming up at further meetings (and more detail to staff through our various channels such as the School Meeting, department meetings, Yammer etc).

2018-19 to 2023 School Budget & OfS Financial Forecast Tables 2017-18 to 2021 and commentary on future financial stability 

Helen Oakley (Director, FP&A, Operations – Accounts) presented the school's current financial position and the five year forecast. The Governing Body approved the financials.

Degree Education Update 

Francesca Cornelli (Deputy Dean, Degree Education) and Julia Marsh (Associate Dean, DECC) came to update on Degree Education programme including programme innovations, ranking and employment results. 

They updated on the launch of the new Early Careers Programme – the LBS Masters in Analytics and Management. The curriculum is strategically placed in the intersection between Data Science, Machine Learning and Business Management. Given the increasing importance of analytics in the workplace and the reliance on data to make informed business decisions, the new addition reflects a timely response to the needs of the graduate management market. Recruitment has begun with the first class starting in August 2019. For more info on the new programme please click here.

Student Association Update

The Governing Body thanked Josh Chakravarty, outgoing SA president for his service and welcomed Evan Connell formally to the role. Josh presented a high-level update on activities from the past year including the SA survey results and Evan detailed plans to focus on;

  • achieving improvements across student communications
  • collaboration on examination arrangements
  • working to streamline and improve student experiences across all programmes

Honorary Awards

The Governing Body discussed next year's recommendations that had been put forward for Honorary Awards to be awarded at Congregation 2019. This includes Honorary Degrees (conferred on those of conspicuous merit, who are outstanding in their field or have given exceptional service to the school) and Honorary Fellowships (conferred on those who have rendered exceptional service to the school and can be former members of staff and alumni). These awards are confidential until next year.

Audit/Finance/Governance and Nominations/Remuneration committee updates

Updated and signed off.

Management Board meeting updates

Updated and signed off.

Dame Amelia Fawcett’s last meeting

Amelia was thanked for her several years of contributions to the committee. Happily, she noted her intention to remain highly involved with the school.

As mentioned previously, the group meets every quarter and composition of the group includes the Dean and Deputy Deans, Faculty representatives, Chair of the Alumni Council, Staff representative, Senior external business professionals from a range of different sectors and is chaired by The Hon Apurv Bhagri. 

The full member profiles and the remit of the Governing Body can be found here.

Do feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.