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Four Faculty announcements you don’t want to miss

Professor Herminia Ibarra elected to British Academy Fellowship

Herminia Ibarra, the Charles Handy Chair and Professor of Organisational Behaviour, was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy in the summer.

The British Academy is the UK’s national body for Humanities and Social Sciences. The Academy’s Subject Section Standing committees elect 52 new fellows annually, usually only one or two per year in each of 18 subject sections.

The fellowship recognises Herminia’s ground-breaking contributions to our understanding of how an individual’s professional identity in the workplace evolves over time. 

Herminia said: “I am honoured by this recognition of my work by my peers. The Fellowship will undoubtedly open up networks in the UK for me.”

Read more about Herminia and her research here.

Professor Andrew Scott awarded grant by ESRC to investigate the economic longevity dividend

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, has been awarded a grant worth £790,949, for three and a half years under the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Standard Research Grant programme. The project will investigate the impact of longer lives on the economy and the longevity effect of healthier ageing.

The ESRC is one of seven UK Government funded research councils and the UK’s largest funder of economic and societal research designed to impact on business, the public sector and civil society.

This is Andrew’s fourth ESRC grant award and he said: “A lot of attention and concern is expressed at the prospect of an ageing society. However as well as there being more old people, it is also the case that how we are ageing is changing. This creates an opportunity at both an individual and societal level for a ‘longevity dividend’. I am delighted that the ESRC is helping to fund my research into the size of this dividend and the potential channels through which it can be maximised. There have been phenomenal gains in life expectancy over the last 100 years and we need to find ways to maximise the benefits from this extraordinary achievement". 

Further information on Andrew and his research activities can be found here.

Professor Julian Franks appointed to Alexander M. Knaster Chair

Julian Franks, Professor of Finance, has been newly appointed to the Alexander M. Knaster Chair at the School, endowed by Alex Knaster.

Alex Knaster is Chairman and CEO of Pamplona Capital Management, an investment management firm, which he founded. He has a long history of philanthropy in higher education in the UK and US, including founding the US charity, The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research. Alex Knaster is a long-time friend of the School and an Executive Fellow in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 

Julian's research interests include bankruptcy, financial distress, corporate ownership and control, and corporate regulation. He was Academic Director of the Institute for Corporate Governance and has been an expert witness for the UK Government and for the Office of Communications (OfCom).

You can read more about Julian and his research here.

Associate Professor Ahmed Tahoun wins fifth grant from INET

Ahmed Tahoun, Associate Professor of Accounting, has been awarded a new grant from the US-based Institute for New Economic Thinking, his fifth since 2014, to investigate The Global Impacts of Brexit.

This new grant brings the total amount of funding to $248,000 for the five projects, and builds on his current research agenda focussing on measuring an individual firm’s exposure to political risk, in this case the UK’s departure from the EU, and the effects on capital and factor markets both nationally and internationally. 

The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), is a New York-based charity, founded in 2009, as a non-partisan and non-profit organization devoted to developing and sharing the ideas that create a more equal, prosperous, and just society.

Tahoun said: “My relationship with INET has provided both financial support for my work, and an opportunity to share knowledge in an ongoing collaborative relationship with a dynamic global and forward thinking organisation. I am so happy to receive such a prestigious award for the fifth time in a row.” 

You can read more about Ahmed and his research here.