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BackExecutive Education appoints Helen Kerkentzes as Associate Dean Executive Education

Executive Education appoints Helen Kerkentzes as Associate Dean

Helen Kerkentzes has been appointed as Associate Dean Executive Education.

Helen, who currently oversees Learning Solutions as Executive Director, will assume the position on Monday 1 April and takes joint responsibility for all the different facets of the Executive Education business.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw, Deputy Dean Executive Education and Learning Innovation, is delighted to confirm the appointment. “A lot of us have worked with Helen either directly or indirectly at some stage and will all recognise the terrific work she has done, both in customer experience and now in learning solutions. This appointment is both exciting for all of us and richly deserved.”

The appointment strengthens Executive Education’s management team and ensures the drive to deliver on a number of ambitious upcoming plans.

Helen is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. “In an ever-changing and volatile world, the need to revisit and learn different ways of thinking, doing and even being has never been more evident,” she says. “I am delighted to be leading an outstanding team at one of the world’s leading business schools in supporting individuals and organisations to grow, transform and realise their potential."