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EMBA students empower local sixth formers

Sixth form students seek career advice from the EMBALS2018 class 

Shared values of ‘integrity’ and ‘empowerment’ underpin the self-proclaimed ‘Mindful Revolution’ brand of the EMBALS2018 class. This year, class members challenged themselves to bring their brand values to life through social initiatives. 

One such initiative took place on 24 June when the class hosted its first ‘Mindful Revolution’ career event for sixth form students.

More than 20 students from a local academy sought advice from the EMBAs to help them navigate their own career journeys. 

Asked what they took from the event, the local students, said:

“Getting to know how they have become who they are now and what they have achieved throughout their career. Also getting to know on the do's and don'ts about working and much more information about the course I want to study in university and where that can lead.”

“It made me realise that there are so many other people of all backgrounds and ages that need to be met and understood as you can share so many meaningful ideas.” 

“The best thing was having the opportunity to speak and receive advice from people who are experts in their area of work. It has helped me with my future decisions about my career path.” 

The event was supported by Tina Clark, Chair of the Community Action Group, Laura Snow from Paddington Academy, and Yolanda Ignacio and Adam Young from the EMBA programme office.

Mindful Revolution is also collaborating with SmartWorks, winner of the Charity Awards 2017, to collect female working clothes. SmartWorks donates clothes and provides free coaching and interview preparation sessions for women in need who are looking for jobs.