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Mexican Presidents met by EMBA Global students

40 members of our EMBA Global class recently enjoyed a trip to Mexico, where they were hosted by two former Mexican Presidents - Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Vicente Fox.

Organised by Sal Smeke’19 and Emmanuel Castro Hernandez ‘19, the four-day trip was hailed as a huge success which also included a keynote address on the country's financial situation from Emilio Romano, CEO of the Bank of America in Mexico.

"It was a remarkable and memorable trip full of highlights, not least getting to meet and learn from two of the most distinguished and accomplished leaders in Mexican history. President Salinas was the creator of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) driving Mexico from a emerging economy in to one of the leading in the world. He hosted the group in his personal library, giving us the insights of that agreement, the value it brought and how he sees Mexico going forward, he is one of the most brilliant if not the most brilliant man, I’ve met." Sal commented.

During a private breakfast and keynote with President Vicente Fox, the first President to beat the ruling party after 71 years in power and how he views the Mexican economy, the new elections and his reasons for transitioning from CEO of Coca Cola to President of the Country.

Classmates described the trip as 'mind-blowing', 'impressive' and many have vowed to return to Mexico.