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Digital Workplace is here!

Digital Workplace (Microsoft Office 365) is now available to all staff and faculty. Thank you to everybody who attended a Digital Workplace Day.

The apps now available are OneDrive, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Planner, To-Do and Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint online). Whatever your role, there’s something on offer to help you work smarter.

Move your current H: drive files to OneDrive 
The H: drive will be available until 31 October, after which time it will become read only. To transfer H: drive files to One Drive simply follow these instructions:

By moving your files to OneDrive, you will gain any device access to the files and folders you transfer. This means you can access those files on your mobile, web browser, or work computer. Click here to learn what OneDrive can offer you. 

SharePoint will replace the S: drive in the coming months. Please do not use OneDrive to store data held in your department’s S: drive. OneDrive is for personal use only.

OneDrive also brings new responsibilities for line managers. Please read the ‘Office 365 Guidelines for Line Managers’ section in the Digital Workplace policies and guidelines to learn more.

Look out for more news in the Digital Workplace community on Yammer.