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BackDavid Medawar demonstrates LBS’s global impact…and breaks a world record! Staff

David Medawar demonstrates LBS’s global impact…and breaks a world record!

David Medawar, Senior Programme Manager, Dubai, landed in India earlier this month completing a record-breaking global journey that has lasted more than three years.

He explains: “The journey started on the 25 May 2013 from the front lawn of LBS and the clock stopped when I crossed the border in India! Hundreds of students, alumni, faculty and staff helped to get this flag across the globe and it is an accomplishment that belongs to the whole LBS community!”

David travelled to 195 countries to share his radical “one world” vision. The previous world record stood at three years, three months and six days, which David beat by 17 days. The conditions were that he must enter each country legally and travel exclusively using scheduled public transport.

David presented a self-designed “one world” flag to a chosen ‘ambassador’ from each country in exchange for a rock within its borders. Now that his mission is complete, David will place a rock from each nation at the base of a tree that will be planted to symbolise his one world vision.

Check out this impressive video of the first leg of David's journey in Europe, and read more about David's epic adventure on Facebook.  

Well done on such an incredible feat, David! We're proud of you!