Coronavirus update 23 March Health and wellbeing

Coronavirus update 23 March

This email has been sent to all staff and contractors

Dear colleagues,

As we move into a new week, I would like to express how incredibly sorry I am for the anxiety and hardship the current COVID-19 situation is causing everyone in our community and around the world. 

Initially, we made the commitment to inform you of every confirmed case in our community. Given recent developments, it has become clear that this approach is no longer feasible. 

It has come to our attention that a growing number of individuals in our community, including staff and faculty, are exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus. Due to the UK Government’s decision to no longer routinely test for COVID-19, a growing proportion of these suspected cases will remain unconfirmed. 

Unfortunately, this means that the number of COVID-19 cases the School is aware of underestimates the true number of cases of the virus within our community. Given this, we are not able to guarantee the

completeness of any attempt at tracing individuals who have been in contact with a COVID-19 case. 

Therefore, we will no longer directly notify members of the School community believed to have come into contact with those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, either while on campus or in the course of School business. We are also no longer in a position to update the FAQs page with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases within our community. I want to assure you that this decision was taken with a heavy heart and after careful consideration, reflecting the rapid escalation of suspected COVID-19 cases in London and the world. 

More broadly, we can no longer assume that individuals in the general public are taking the necessary precautions. We encourage you to follow the UK Government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation. For information on the latest COVID-19 advice from the NHS, please click here

As always, your line managers are there to help where they can. My thoughts are with you all during these difficult times and we will do our utmost to keep you updated as we move through this global crisis together.