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Celebrating student impact at LBS

Congratulations to all the Student Award winners, who where honoured at this year's Student Celebration Evening, for their fantastic achievements during their time at London Business School.

The Student Celebration Evening took place during Congregation week at London's legendary venue, Koko, in Camden. It was a wonderful night of entertainment, awards and memories for the graduating classes of 2017.

The Student Awards recognises students who, through their conduct, achievements and contribution to our community, have had a profound impact on the School.

View photos from the evening >> https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4NXsJ6

Our 2017 award winners.

Lasting contribution to the School  - Nick Deakin MBA2017

This award is reserved for truly exceptional impact and Nick leaves the School a significantly different and better place.

Nick’s legacy of establishing Out In Business (OIB) as one of LBS’s most high-profile clubs is assured. The club has gone from strength to strength during his time as Co-President. In 2016, the club’s flagship event EurOUT attracted several top guest speakers, including Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Battel. Through the club, Nick has further raised LBS’s reputation for tolerance, inclusivity and diversity. Elsewhere, Nick was an active peer leader who happily shared his experience of successfully switching from medicine to banking with students and admits. His peers describe him as driven, inspirational and a pleasure to work with.

Nick shares his LBS highlights

LBS MBA student named LGBT Future Leader


Transformed the student experience of their peers 

The following students won Student awards for their direct impact on their peers, particularly within their programmes. 

Clare Burton MiFPT2017

Clare is widely regarded as one of LBS’s best academic representatives. She was engaging and confident when asked to speak to her class on day one of the part-time MiF programme. In her second year, she took on the class representative role, which involves sharing classmates’ views with the programme office. Clare was a great ambassador for the MiF programme, helping promote the New York Global Business Experience, and she always acted in the best interests of her fellow students.

Elliott Coleman MiFPT2017

Elliott helped raise the School’s brand and supported others, despite juggling his studies, student ambassador role and a full-time job in the iShares Capital Markets team within Blackrock. He mentored early careers students and organised webinars and admit events for prospective and new student respectively. Elliot also jumped at any opportunity to promote the School, appearing in a video about the Boston/New York Global Business Experience.

Ann Kang EMBA2017

As an EMBA career representative, Ann was known for being an excellent coach and mentor to her fellow students in Dubai. She engaged her classmates by developing a website that allows people to share their thoughts on electives, for the benefit of current and future students. Ann embodied the School’s communal spirit, arranging social gatherings for students in London and Dubai and helping organise the School’s Dubai 10th anniversary event.

Bhagyata Kinger MFA2017

Preparing for job interviews is a crucial part of student life at LBS. For the inaugural MFA intake, Bhagyata was always available to run through mock interviews and advise them on job offers. She fine-tuned people’s CVs to make them more appealing to recruiters and supported Indian students when they applied for jobs in their home nation. Bhagyata also mentored her classmates for exams that she had already sat. As a member of the India Club, Bhagyata found the ideal venue to host 800 people for the Diwali Ball. Classmates hold her in high regard, saying she is smart, helpful, sporty (she loves Kabaddi) and positive in everything she does.

Belinda Neal EMBA2017

Belinda is an inspiration to any new parent looking to strike a work-life balance. Having just become a mum, Belinda also managed to find time to mentor members of the LBS community in London. She organised networking dinners for women and a charity fundraising event for members of the Paths to Power elective. Belinda also encouraged people from her EMBA stream to network and socialise with students from other LBS programmes.

Bhaven Pandit SLN2016

Sloans who wanted mentoring knew they could turn to Bhaven for guidance and support. He was on hand to provide advice and offer insight into life at LBS. Whether in the classroom, helping others or volunteering for School events, Bhaven always applied the same level of enthusiasm to everything he did. He is described by his fellow students as one of the most dedicated and energetic people they know.

Ashni Shah MBA2017

Ashni’s defining qualities are her generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness. That she helped one fellow student find a summer internship is just one example of her willingness to support others. To the people that know her, Ashni is friendly, vibrant and upbeat – traits that she drew on when co-leading Sundowners and organising social activities at LBS. Events she helped organise included a Diwali dance and outings for the Women’s Touch Rugby Club. Ashni also worked with a local charity, encouraging other LBS students to volunteer for the cause.

Morten Siggaard MiM2017

Morten’s peers see him as conscientious and dependable. He is also known for being warm, friendly, open and inclusive – traits that reflect LBS’s values. Morten helped his peers prepare for job interviews, would always ask pertinent questions and offer insights in class and often took the lead on programme-related projects. Morten’s enthusiasm during his time at LBS, where he was a student ambassador, was both infectious and inspiring.

Alex Tuya EMBA2017

To his friends and classmates in London, Alex was a top LBS ambassador who offered advice on study, electives and life at the School. He is also a born entertainer and an amazing pianist. The family man gave up his time to host piano lessons and karaoke sessions in the Windsor pub next to the Regent’s Park campus. He also brought people together by organising sailing days, treks, and meals with his family for EMBA students visiting him in his native Spain.

Exceptional service to the School community

The following students won an award for their service to the School through being an ambassador, prominent role-model or spokesperson; or for their impact through a student-led club or event activity.

Vishnu Chundi MBA2017

Anyone looking for inspiration on how to juggle full-time study with launching a business should look no further than Vishnu. The former MBA student managed to get AssetVault – a UK-based financial services tech company – off the ground while at LBS. Drawing on the LBS student community, he gave MiM students who wanted to learn about fintech and start-ups the opportunity to intern for his business. Away from studying and running a company, Vishnu found time to be president of the Entrepreneur Club.

Sara Ganz MFA2017

Being called the most helpful person in the MFA class is high praise indeed. Sara provided tuition to fellow students preparing for exams and advice on how best to study and manage their time. She also supported peers with their job applications and interview preparations. Moreover, Sara championed diversity and gender equality at LBS, she was involved in many student clubs and helped organise key events such as TEDxLondonBusinessSchool.

Diana Guzman EMBA2017

As chair of the Student Association in Dubai, Diana helped raise LBS’s profile throughout the Middle East. One of her most prominent achievements was taking the lead on organising the School’s Dubai 10th Anniversary gala dinner for more than 300 staff, students and alumni. Diana also contributed to several other events in the region, helping strengthen the School’s brand and identity. Her classmates describe her as intelligent, inspirational and dedicated.

Abhinay Kakuturu MiFFT2017

Abhinay personified the School’s communal spirit by doing all he could to engage and support his fellow students. He was involved in many Student Association activities, representing the cohort and helping organise key events such as the India Business Forum and Tattoo. He also played a pivotal role in helping deliver the new family faculty lecture initiative during this year’s Congregation Week. Friends and colleagues describe him as considerate and modest.

Rick Lewis MBA2017

Being known for caring deeply about the student experience is a testament to Rick’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond. He strived to make every event – be it Tattoo, the Summer Ball or Sundowners – the best it could possibly be. Rick was also committed to further strengthening ties between the students and the School’s staff, to ensure all on-campus events ran smoothly. He had boundless energy and relished supporting LBS programmes in his capacity as a peer leader.

Carolyn McLain MBA2017

Carolyn’s dedication and enthusiasm shine through in everything she does. She played a crucial role in most of LBS’s biggest student events, including Tattoo and the Summer Ball. The Student Association representative made a telling contribution to all aspects of student life. Fellow students credit her for working tirelessly to strengthen the LBS community by helping organise events that celebrate the School’s diversity. She is also known as a fantastic coach for the Women’s Touch Rugby team.

Ricardo Tannus MiM2017

In launching Global Dinners, Ricardo has achieved two goals: to turn his business idea into reality and encourage the LBS community to meet and network more regularly, including with other groups. Ricardo’s entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in an initiative that gives the community the opportunity to swap business ideas, share industry insights and make connections. To his peers, he is an enthusiastic, valued member of the MiM stream and often described as kind and genuine.

Chin Ta Sim MiFFT2017

Described as an incredible classmate, professional and friend, Chin Ta is a well-respected and much-loved member of the LBS community. He relished helping organise student activities and competitions and loved dancing (Chin Ta won the Salsanama Amateur Solo Competition Champion 2017 in Italy). Thanks to his drive and energy, Chin Ta and his respective teammates came first in the Harvard Global Business Case Challenge and the LBS Ferrari Strategy Challenge. He was also part of the team that finished in the top three of the Hermes GPE Private Markets Challenge. 

Lola Wajskop MiM2017

Empowering women has always been high on Lola’s agenda. At LBS, she promoted the Women in Business Club, encouraged her peers to attend Manbassador lunches and championed gender equality. She also engaged with prospective students and admits at LBS events, organised social outings and offered advice and support to her peers. Fellow graduates say she is enthusiastic, welcoming, kind and inspirational.

Alan Wong MBA2017

Most of the School’s flagship student events were made possible by Alan’s diligence and professionalism. He was instrumental in making Tattoo, EurOUT and the Tech and Media Club summits happen, taking the lead on operations and logistics and generally getting stuck in. His contribution played an important part in events that have boosted the LBS brand. Whether offering support or advice, Alan was always there. He helped fellow students deal with life’s stresses – from finding a job to academic fatigue.