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Can you imagine not owning a book?

Have you read a good book lately? Well don’t take it for granted. Across London and the UK one in four children from a disadvantaged background owns fewer than 10 books, whilst one in eight doesn’t have any. Not a single book. This has an impact not only on academic outcomes but also on wellbeing and emotional development. The Children’s Book Project tackles this ‘book gap’ by collecting donations of books and gifting them to London children who have few or no books at all.
We are holding a Book Drive to support The Children’s Book Project from 18 February until 17 March and would love as many of you as possible to support the charity ‘get books into bedrooms’. It couldn’t be simpler – bring books in good condition that the children in your life have grown out of and drop them off:
We will give them to The Children’s Book Project to distribute across London. Children will be invited to choose a book to take home at gifting events, hosted by schools and community groups. Donate a book and support the charity to gift over 70,000 books this year to improve disadvantaged children’s outcomes.
We’ll update you on the collection in a future edition of Life@LBS.