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April Coffee with the Dean

On 4 April François was joined by staff from across the School at Coffee with the Dean. Staff had the opportunity to ask him questions and network with colleagues over a coffee and croissant.

François asked members of each table to share what they appreciate and wonder about the School. He then answered questions about strategy, relationships between staff and faculty, follow-up to the School Survey and even Premier League football.

One staff member commented:

“I thought the whole event was very well organised. It was great to meet and mingle with colleagues within the school. The Dean made an effort to engage each of us in conversation and learn our names which was very well received! I enjoyed being able to ask questions about the broader nature of the school in a relaxed setting.”

Staff were able to meet new colleagues and network with one another.

Staff were able to meet new colleagues and network.

François met with colleagues at each table before opening the floor to questions.

The next event will take place on Friday 7 June in the Dining Room. Come along and share your perspectives!