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A visionary approach to eye care in India

London Business School’s Kamalini Ramdas, Professor of Management Science and Operations, and PhD students, Nazli Sönmez and Kraig Delana, have been working with Aravind Eye Hospitals on research and innovations benefiting patients across India and beyond.

Professor Ramdas and Nazli will appear in a series of films at Aravind Eye Hospital in Pondicherry, shot by Ian Lynch and Ilie Zubascu from the School’s Marketing and Communications department. The team also filmed at the Aravind Hospital in Madurai and in remote locations where vision centres connect patients, via video links, to doctors located many miles away.

The films will appear on the School’s website and social media. They help to tell the story behind collaborative research between Aravind Eye Hospital and LBS in three main areas:

  • Pre-diagnosed patients sharing appointments, leading to valuable knowledge sharing
  • The use of the remote diagnosis and treatment of eye care patients by means of telecommunications technology
  • Innovations in follow-up appointments and the way they are managed

We asked Professor Ramdas about the research and the films being produced: 

“Ilie and Ian were able to document how Aravind delivers world-class eye care. It's important to share what we can learn from exemplars like Aravind, given the need to improve care delivery worldwide.”

Nazli Sönmez also commented on the work with Aravind Eye Hospital:

“It was wonderful to show how we are working with the Aravind Eye Care System, which is the largest and most productive blindness prevention organization in the world, towards achieving their mission: 'Eliminate Needless Blindness'.

The films have been co-funded by The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, and Learning and Development. The films will be edited for release in the summer.