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20 years of London.edu: How the website got its name

London Business School stands out from others in the UK higher education sector in many ways. One of those ways is small – just three letters long – and yet significant. It is the address for our website, our window to the world, www.london.edu.

We are all familiar with web addresses that end in .com or .co.uk; higher education institutions in the UK use .ac.uk. On 15 December 2018 it is 20 years since the School departed from the norm and obtained the london.edu domain name, which was seen at the time as pivotal to our global aspirations.

The School was previously using lbs.ac.uk (and also lbs.lon.ac.uk) as its main domain name. Our Dean at the time, John Quelch, had the remit to really launch the School onto the global stage and, with his marketing background, was therefore keen to obtain a .edu domain name.

The rules for obtaining and using a .edu domain name were quite clear: you had to be an academic institution in the US. However, the body responsible for overseeing .edu had outsourced the management to Verisign. In turn, some of its third-party resellers of domain names were unaware of the restrictions and, alongside Insead, we were able to purchase the rights to a .edu name: london.edu

Fortunately, when this oversight came to light, the .edu registry implemented and have maintained a policy that “allows organisations that registered .edu domain names before the start of the agreement to renew their registrations, regardless of whether they meet the current eligibility requirements, so long as they otherwise comply with the domain's policies”.

In other words we are grandfathered into the domain, and it remains to this day!